Protect Your Vehicle

Protect Your Purchase: Learn More About Maintenance and Protection Products

When you finance a vehicle at Arizona Jeep Show Low, you're going to want to keep your new purchase as safe as possible. Sometimes a manufacturer's warranty doesn't give you enough peace of mind. In that case, consider these offers that can help protect your car.

Vehicle Service Contracts

It can be stressful to need to get your vehicle repaired. Whether you need new brakes before taking your Jeep Wrangler off-roading around Pinetop or a new taillight so you can commute to work in Lakeside, those repair costs add up quickly. A Vehicle Service Contract (VSC) can take over whenever your manufacturer's warranty ends. VSC protects your vehicle from surprise expenses, in addition to other benefits.

Guaranteed Auto Protection

In the event of total loss of your vehicle, auto insurance might not pay the full balance of your vehicle loan. Total vehicle loss can include when your vehicle is stolen and not recovered, totaled during an accident, or damaged beyond repair by a natural disaster. When faced with total vehicle loss,, Guaranteed Auto Protection can waive or cancel the remaining balance of your vehicle loan after payment from your insurance company.

Universal Security Guard®

No one wants to imagine their vehicle getting stolen. Unfortunately, vehicles are stolen frequently, and vehicle theft can happen anywhere, whether you live in Whiteriver or Pinetopp which means that it's a great idea to get extra protection for your vehicle. Universal Security Guard is a theft deterrent that can also help protect your car if it does get stolen. Visible warning labels warn potential thieves that your vehicle is protected. If your vehicle is stolen, Universal Security Guard can ensure that you are reimbursed up to $5,000.

If you these benefits appeal to you at all, then you should consider financing your vehicle at Arizona Jeep Show Low. Contact us today to learn more!