Jeep brand SUVs have a sterling reputation for capability, style, and rugged toughness. But the engineers at Jeep understand that all of it counts for nothing without the proper equipment to keep drivers safe. That's why new Jeep models offer a variety of sensors and driver-assistance features. These systems can help you steer clear of harm's way and keep your passengers safe.

Blind Spot Monitor: This sensor keeps on your blind spot and lets you know if there are other vehicles present via a light on the corresponding side mirror. It's particularly helpful for awareness while merging lanes.

Rear Cross Path Detection: If your Jeep brand SUV is in reverse, Rear Cross Path detection can alert you to vehicles passing behind you. You'll hear an audible alert to let you know that a car is driving in your path.

ParkSense Rear Park Assist: Models with this feature have four sensors on the back end that can detect when you're getting close to an object while parking. If necessary, the system can sound alerts to let you know that you're at risk of collision.

Forward Collision Warning with Active Braking: This feature uses radar sensors in the front bumper to detect oncoming vehicles or obstacles. You'll get both audible and visual warnings when a potential collision is detected. If necessary, the system can automatically employ braking to slow your vehicle.

LaneSense Lane Departure Warning: If you start to drift into another lane without signaling, this feature will let you know. It can also provide automatic light steering corrections to bring the vehicle back into the proper lane.

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