Whether you’re from Lakeside, AZ or the surrounding area when the time comes to get a new ride, it’s likely that finance is on your mind. Our finance team is here to help with that. Whether you’re looking to buy or lease, our finance experts will go to work with you in order to determine which plan is right for your lifestyle needs. We thought it might help to do a general overview of what each plan entails, that way you can continue to browse our inventory with confidence.

Lease or Buy, Which is Right for You?

Leasing may seem like a complex process, but broken down to its basics, it’s pretty simple. By leasing a vehicle, you won’t actually own the model, you’ll just be paying for its depreciation over the course of the lease. By leasing a vehicle, you may experience a lower down payment, and you’ll be able to get the latest in automotive tech. A downside of leasing are things like mileage limits and the inability to customize your car.

If you’re someone who enjoys years of driving the same vehicle, buying may be for you. When you buy a vehicle, you’ll have peace of mind knowing it is under your ownership. You won’t have to worry about miles and you can make your model your own. But you may have a higher down payment at first.

If it’s time for a new ride, you have options. We encourage you to contact our dealership to learn more about automotive financing and to experience our vast new inventory.

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